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*** New Girls'Biz Program begins September 2023 ***

The GIRLS'BIZ VIRTUAL program...

  • Empowers middle school girls to develop and run their own businesses
  • Enhances the girls' self esteem
  • Provides opportunities for the girls to interact with women business owners and adult role models
  • Introduces the girls to the business concepts involved in product development, marketing, goal setting, financing, writing and presenting a business plan
  • Provides opportunities to market and sell their products online
  • Introduces the girls to the power of philanthropy
  • Fosters fun and friendship!

GIRLS'BIZ is a community program which empowers middle school girls to start and run their own group business and spend their profits on a contribution to charity and a profit share. GIRLS'BIZ is a program jointly sponsored by the WWE and The Foundation of WWE, Inc. The program meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 - 7:45 PM from September through the following spring, and joins WWE for some of their Tuesday evening meetings. Each September we assemble a new group.

Each year, the girls name their new company, design their logo, learn to network and how to interview a woman business owner, brainstorm product ideas, take a product survey, make a business plan, take orders, produce and sell their product, and keep track of revenues and expenses. They determine their profit and decide how much to give to the charity that they choose. Then they decide on a celebration party and their profit share!

Throughout the year, the girls meet women in business and increase their skills in planning, speaking and sales, while having fun with their friends! The experience of GIRLS'BIZ stays with these girls as they later make their own work and life choices.

If interested in participating in GIRLS'BIZ please send an email to GB Director Janelle Higgins at:

Janelle Higgins
Phone:  608-206-3836

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