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The education committee provides members with a variety of education programs and activities. 

  • Ten-minute member spotlights at Friday breakfasts and 3rd Thursday lunch give members an opportunity to educate fellow members on what they do and what sets them apart from other individuals in the same profession.

  • On the four or five times a year that there is a 5th Friday, we organize an educational event to inform members on various business related topics that members indicate in the annual survey would be of interest to them.

We welcome new members to visit a committee meeting and consider joining brainstorm new ways to help bring educational topics to the members.

Liaison to the Board:  Lisa Kromanaker
Committee Members:
Diane Dillett
Rebecca Christoffel
Vida Groman
Laura Stanfield

Ellen Utter


The job of the Membership Committee is to recruit new members and keep a finger on the pulse of member satisfaction. All of our activities support either or both of these objectives.

  • Monthly orientation sessions get new members up to speed on our events and website. Seasoned members also are welcome to attend and brush up on how to get the most from their membership.

  • The new member buddy program pairs every new member with a seasoned member for their first three months in WWE.

  • New-Member Mixers foster new relationships and a sense of connection to the group.

  • We provide greeters and ambassadors at WWE breakfasts, dinners and other events.

We welcome new committee members to act as greeters and new member mentors, help with ordering and delivering name badges, run orientation sessions, and make renewal calls.

Liaison to the Board: Cathy River
Committee Members:
Judy Fowler
Shannon McMahan


The Program Committee is responsible for WWE’s monthly lunch & dinner programs, monthly brown bag lunches, and Friday breakfasts. 

  • Fourth Tuesday dinner meetings include time for networking, dinner, and a speaker or presentation designed to inform and entertain members. We seek unique and experienced speakers to provide a worthwhile and satisfying evening for all who attend.

  • Monthly brown bag lunches provide an opportunity for members to showcase their business. This is a chance for a member to “show and tell” other members all about what they do. It is also a fun and more intimate chance for members to get acquainted.

  • Friday breakfast meetings are a staple of the WWE organization. Alternating East Side and West Side locations, members meet to enjoy networking, introductions, and time to ask advice from other members on business challenges.

  • Third Thursday lunch meetings offer members the opportunity to network, share ideas, and develop deeper relationships and connections.

We welcome new committee members to help scout dinner program speakers, facilitate dinner meetings, and secure brown bag lunch hosts.

Liaison to the Board: Laura Stanfield
Committee Members:
Mary Helen Conroy (Brown Bag coordinator)

Nicole Gruter

Deb Klein


WWE is a proud sponsor of GIRLS’ BIZ, a program that empowers middle school girls to start and run their own business and learn to be philanthropists. Each fall a new group of ten to fifteen middle school girls begin meeting weekly to become entrepreneurs. They name their business, develop a logo, decide what they will sell, learn how to purchase products, develop a marketing plan, sell their products at WWE dinners and other events, and keep track of expenses and income. In April of each year, the girls tally their profits and then research and select one or more charities to receive their contribution.

  • Teachers are needed to help organize and manage weekly meetings.

  • Volunteers are needed to help with setting up and taking down GIRLS’ BIZ booth at events.

  • Members are welcome to help document the GIRLS’ BIZ curriculum.

Liaison to the Board: Janelle Higgins
Committee Members:
Judy Fowler
Sally Hestad

Public Relations/Communication

The Public Relations/Communications committee handles internal communication with WWE members, external communications with the public, and marketing and creative services for the organization as a whole. Our goal is to facilitate communication to all WWE members and non-members through our website, social media and email in a timely and efficient manner.

Liaison to the Board: Shelley Iverson
Committee Members:
Cathy Ramos
Sarah Rublein


Our Foundation was established in April, 2014. It is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide opportunities for entrepreneurial education to women and girls in the Madison community. The Foundation will work to raise money to support GIRLS’BIZ and plans to use funds to give need-based educational grants for seminars, workshops, and memberships.

Liaison to the Board: Judy Fowler
Committee Members:


The Sponsorship committee collaborates about sponsorship ideas for dinners, new member mixers, 5th Friday education events, our website, trade shows and more. Our committee is responsible for support of the overall financial health of WWE, specifically Girls Biz and education and outreach efforts for our members. We are looking forward to creating and building upon exciting and fun growth opportunities. The following are our objectives: 

  • To support Girls Biz by providing sponsors for their products and funding for the girls education

  • To support new business owners through scholarships that will help with membership dues, business planning, dinners and other events

  • To offer opportunities for our existing members to highlight their businesses on our website, in our newsletter and in meetings through sponsoring an event

  • To share the mission of WWE through outreach efforts outside the organization and encourage sponsorship of WWE by organizations that share our vision

We welcome new committee members who are energetic and passionate about creating new opportunities for and within WWE.

Liaison to the Board:
Committee Members:

Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs Southcentral Inc.

Contact us:
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